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Nisha Desai's Journey

NISHA DESAI is a true master indeed. She is a Teacher, a Giver and Acknowledges all the masters under whom she groomed and became a charismatic personality.

At the age of 24, Nisha got married and understood all her responsibilities. She was clueless that she was going to transform into an eminent and a majestic persona.

In 1992, Nisha enrolled for a beauty course which she learnt lightheartedly. But soon that dispassionate course became an integral change of her life. Nisha is a philanthropist. During the initial five years of scuffle, she taught many skills which encompassed bandhani art, making soft toys. She also initiated courses on bridal make-up. Nisha Desai not only is a pioneer in bridal make-up but also a great mother figure. She waited for her son to complete his SSC and then give her talent the valuable esteem.


In 2001, she started her career by teaching one student. But her relentless hard- work did great wonders, more and more students craved to learn from her as a direct source. Nisha not only supported her students but also mothered them.


In 2004, she organized a function at BHUTA HIGH SCHOOL for her dedicated students as an exam. And it was that day, which made her a LEGEND not only for her students but in the eyes of the world. She set a new record all together by adding a new chapter to the HISTORY OF MUMBAI; it was the First traditional bridal show in MUMBAI.

After this, Nisha never looked back. She kept growing, achieving and setting new boundaries in this field. Another feature which sets her apart from others is her -Determination. In JAIN JAGRUTI FUNCTION, she had broken all barriers by doing 150 make over’s in a very short span of two hours. Initially she was in a dilemma whether she would accomplish it. But it was her determination which made her stand in front of everyone and put up a fight.


Till date she has organized more than 25 fashion shows which is a great achievement by itself. In 2009, she sponsored the make over’s for MISS MUMBAI which were witnessed by great make-up celebrities and renowned personalities from the Indian cinema.

There have been more than 1000 students till date who have got the auspicious opportunity to learn from her. She not only gets students from all over India but also students from all over the World. Students have made their career in this field and have made their GURU proud. Nisha has produced many such Nisha’s by educating others.


More than 5000 brides have got the golden opportunity to have done their make over’s by Nisha desai. Not only across India but all over the world, Nisha has made her Benchmark. She has got orders from all over the Globe.


Nisha has many Academies all over India which comprise of courses like personal grooming, bridal short courses, 3 days workshops, certificate bridal courses etc. Nisha is a visionary; she has a great vision regarding what look needs to be given to a particular bride just by looking at her face.


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